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#1 2007-01-18 18:59:09

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v0.612 Release -- January 18, 2007

This will be the official release in a few days, but I thought I'd post it here first. 

As always, you should copy your *.MD? files before upgrading (not that you should need them).  If you have been editing TOOLTIP.MDB (for language support), or ARTISTLIST.MDB (adding/correcting artist list) -- please back those up BEFORE installing and send them to me.  The new install will overwrite any changes you've made.

Full install:

Upgrade install:

Here's the list of fixes & enhancements:

Fixed: Now supports individual Winamp playlist settings (Winamp not found error)
Fixed: Set "Reset tag status" to TRUE by default.
Fixed: Automatically reset read-only, system/hidden status during tagging
Added: Add German tooltips!
Added: Animated cursor during Mp3 Scan
Fixed: Main form in 800x600 screen cut-off the bottom of form
Fixed: Utilities screen no longer flickers during record cleanup (images instead of embedded form picture).
Fixed: DUPES.MDB identical to DUPEWORKS.MDB (caused dupe-check problem)
Added: Background image in Tag editor (dialog.bmp)
Added: Background image in Statistics, (dialog.bmp)
Added: Background image Move2CD (dialog.bmp)
Added: Creates error log if user registration check fails (to troubleshoot 2nd-day registration problem that a couple of registered users have seen).
Added: Minor changes to install routine, and references DAO350.DLL instead of DAO360.DLL (hopefully this fixes the requirement for a few users having to install v0.57 before upgrading to v0.6x)

If you have an installation problem (98% complete), run your install from the Run command with a /M1 switch (i.e., mp3.exe /M1). It asks a few extra questions but then when it gets to the registering of components, it tells you each component that is being registered - that way I can figure out which one was causing the installation to stall (or even if it's not getting that far).



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