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#1 2007-01-21 08:00:44

New member
Registered: 2011-06-05
Posts: 1

database scanner error

when adding my mp3s to the database I get:
(3163) The field is too small to accept the amount of data you attempted to add.  Try inserting or pasting less data.

it freezes afterwards and i am unable to use mp3boss



#2 2007-01-22 04:18:15

Registered: 2011-06-05
Posts: 1298

Re: database scanner error

Are you using one of the latest releases (I had hoped I fixed this problem in the newest releases)?

This problem means that there is an item in the ID3v2 tag that isn't in the expected format.  For instance, a year field where I expect something like "2006" and instead it says "January 2, 2006".

Please send me the mp3 file that caused the problem -- there should be an error window on the scan page that shows the name of the problem file.

Send it to:




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