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#1 2007-01-26 03:55:46

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v0.614 Release -- January 22, 2007

v0.614 Release -- January 22, 2007
Minor bugfix release -- you should upgrade to v0.614 (from v0.613) if you installed Winamp to keep individual user settings (instead of shared settings for all users).

This release also writes out more log information if a error occurs during 2nd-day startup.

Otherwise, this release is the same as v0.613.

v0.613 Release -- January 20, 2007
Just a few minor bug-fixes from v0.612.

Better support for UNC (unmapped remote drives). 
No longer ignores first click on Switchboard text.
Winamp.ini now read from local applications directory when needed (should fix Volume=0 problem).
Registered-user startup checking improved.

v0.612 Release -- January 18, 2007
Here's the list of fixes & enhancements:

Fixed: Now supports individual Winamp playlist settings (Winamp not found error)
Fixed: Set "Reset tag status" to TRUE by default.
Fixed: Automatically reset read-only, system/hidden status during tagging
Added: Add German tooltips!
Added: Animated cursor during Mp3 Scan
Fixed: Main form in 800x600 screen cut-off the bottom of form
Fixed: Utilities screen no longer flickers during record cleanup (images instead of embedded form picture).
Fixed: DUPES.MDB identical to DUPEWORKS.MDB (caused dupe-check problem)
Added: Background image in Tag editor (dialog.bmp)
Added: Background image in Statistics, (dialog.bmp)
Added: Background image Move2CD (dialog.bmp)
Added: Creates error log if user registration check fails (to troubleshoot 2nd-day registration problem that a couple of registered users have seen).
Added: Minor changes to install routine, and references DAO350.DLL instead of DAO360.DLL (hopefully this fixes the requirement for a few users having to install v0.57 before upgrading to v0.6x)

If you have an installation problem (98% complete), run your install from the Run command with a /M1 switch (i.e., mp3.exe /M1). It asks a few extra questions but then when it gets to the registering of components, it tells you each component that is being registered - that way I can figure out which one was causing the installation to stall (or even if it's not getting that far).

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