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#1 2007-02-06 18:01:17

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v0.615 -- Released February 12, 2007

Some real improvements both to duplicate checking & Winamp load/play.

Can move duplicates to CD/DVD staging area (instead of just deleting).  Also supports recycle bin, immediate delete, move to specified Drive/Directory or specified Directory (faster than moving across drives).

Winamp.exe location check is more reliable (multiple checks, including registry entries)
Scan Browse for folder is now resizable and includes edit_text (Win98 & later)
Fast MD5 check after moving files (instead of CRC32 check)
Moving files works with files marked read-only, system, hidden.  No longer a problem with very long paths (>255chars).
Clicking switchboard text always works the same as clicking switchboard button.
Additional checks for UNC in addition to drive-maps.

First-time playlist load wasn't correct for non-shared playlist, if song was playing.
Duplicate check plays song even if winamp not loaded, or incorrect exe location specified.
Registration check more reliable.



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