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#1 2007-02-10 05:04:28

Registered: 2011-06-05
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CD Staging area

Does anyone have experience with CD Staging?

I've been working with the CD Staging area available in WinXP (I believe it is also available in WinME and Vista). 

I've added it as a selection in Duplicates so that you can move duplicates to the CD Staging area instead of deleting the files.  Once I get it working here, I am planning to add it to List View (copy/move).

So far, this is what I've found:
1) ONLY CDs are supported (not DVD disks)
2) It appears to rely on Windows Media Player
3) You can write the information as data or audio.
4) Audio can be automatically normalized
5) Maximum bitrate is 128K (converting WAV to MP3) -- not tested

A Nero plugin looks like it adds DVD support -- but the WMP plugin makes it easier to select 80minutes of songs when creating an audio disk.

Anyone else use CD Staging?  Are there add-ins to make it better?  Anything that supports Winamp directly?



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