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#1 2011-07-21 16:13:53

New member
Registered: 2011-07-13
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List View Filter

If I may add after searching for something a radio button under "Show Select Filters" called "Return to List" to return to the main list would be much prefered to having to zero in on the little tiny box to check "UnFilteredl" and mabye default searching should be no checks so that "Artist " could be picked or "Title" so we don't have to uncheck everything but what we want Not complaining just trying to make things easier for the next guy. For four days I would close the search window and go back to the home window and click list again before I discovered what the little unchecked box did. And last but not least how about a "BANNED SONG" radio button so that it stays in the table but won't show up in the playlist unless purposly added again with a right click pull down option in the rating catagory



#2 2011-07-22 04:27:48

Registered: 2011-06-05
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Re: List View Filter

"Return to List" -- I'm not clear on this.  I'm assuming you are in List View.  Are you just asking that the checkbox change to a radio button so you could more easily move between Filtered & Unfiltered view?  Or is your request in regard to the Filters toolbox dialog? 

The Artist & Album drop-downs don't require that you uncheck any of the search items.  Those check boxes are only active when you are entering something in "Filter For:".   Normally I leave everything checked (all the time) -- only when the search phrase is very common do I find I actually need to uncheck (of course this depends on how many files you have in the database).

Completely agree regarding Banned Song.  I haven't added it only because (as usual) I decided to go overboard when I started to implement this -- instead of just "Banned" I wanted to add a number of categories that you would use for different situations -- e.g., Banned, Adult, Christmas, Children, Halloween, Holiday...

And then because of the complexity I didn't finish.  The good news is that the Access2010 engine allows all sorts of sub-filtering in List View ... so if I can add a simple category selection, I'm pretty sure that I can get this going.  Bad news is that Access2010 has been tougher than expected.

Your idea of simply adding another category sounds good -- or do you think I should just skip any songs marked "Horrible!" when creating a playlist from a group selection?  Is there a big difference between Horrible! and Banned?  I've thought about adding mid-point ratings (in other words, 10 categories instead of 5) -- should I do that with next major update?



#3 2014-02-11 02:17:03

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From: Bahrain
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Re: List View Filter

my mistake - I should have said Detail view not List.
Has that also come up before?

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