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#1 2004-11-26 12:08:45

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v0.589 Beta released -- Nov. 27, 2004

v0.589 fixes:
CD-Drive Refresh button in Utilities modified to update DeviceID for all CD records in Volumes.

v0.588 fixes:
MINOR change:
CD-Drive Refresh button in Utilities modified (so can clear/regenerate anytime)
CD-Scanning minor bugfix
CD SmartSearch minor bugfix

IF YOU ARE HAVING CD SCANNING PROBLEMS -- CLICK THE Utilities/Misc/CD-Drive Refresh button to rebuild the CD tables!

Thanks for your help!


Beta 0.589 update release:

Beta 0.589 full version release:

In theory you should only need the v0.589 update release.  However, if you want to do a full installation, you can use the v0.589 full version release.  Don't forget to backup what you have!  In particular, it is possible that a final release might require that you revert back to v0.582 data (or earlier) because of database update issues.



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