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#1 2007-04-03 23:53:45

Registered: 2011-06-05
Posts: 1296

v0.616 Crash after scanning 2K files

I just got a report of v0.616 only being able to scan 2K files at a time -- and then a crash.  Restarting MP3-Boss lets you scan another 2K files before it crashes again.

If anyone else sees this problem, please try to capture the screen image and send it to me:

Also, could you try the following:
1) Before starting MP3-Boss, rename the files FORM.BMP, CANVAS.BMP and DIALOG.BMP (in c:\program files\mp3boss) to FORMx.BMP, CANVASx.BMP and DIALOGx.BMP.  This will get rid of the background images in the forms.
2) Now scan...does this eliminate the crash?

If that doesn't help, set your color resolution to 16-bit instead of 32-bit.  Does that eliminate the crash?

When you send a crash report, it would be great if I could get the following information:

Operating system (e.g., WinXP):
Physical memory:
Virtual Memory (Paging file):
Free disk space on your temp files drive:
Free disk space on your MP3-Boss drive:
MusicIP enabled:
Display settings (e.g., 1024x768, 32-bit or 16-bit color):

Also, when did you first see the problem?  Immediately, or only after you had already scanned a lot of files?

On my computer, I have seen an 'unable-to-update display' error after scanning about 10K files -- and I think this is the same problem.  However, I'm really surprised that it would occur at 2K files, particularly since I only have seen the problem while running in debug mode.  In this next release, I plan to make the #files to scan per segment configurable (right now the #files per segment is set to 15K).  I was going to set the default to 8K (because MusicIP scanning seems to be quite memory intensive) -- but based on this report maybe I need to set it at 2K.

Please send me as much information as possible so I can track this problem down.




#2 2007-04-07 07:55:52

Registered: 2011-06-05
Posts: 1296

Re: v0.616 Crash after scanning 2K files

It looks like the background images are the problem -- here's the results from a customer.  In the next release, I'm going to turn off the images (as the default):

I tried renaming the *.bmp files and saw success.  I have 42,950 songs and all of them scanned in without issue.  I left my computer at 32-bit color and verified that MusicIP was on. 

So, your presumption that the *.bmp files were the culprit seem to have panned out. 

Certainly your computer specs are far more than enough to run MP3-Boss (older versions would easily support the 15K file scans at a time even with 32MB memory!).  So, I don't think physical memory, virtual memory, or disk space is likely to be the problem.

I'm betting on renaming the *.BMP files as fixing the problem...but it could also be the 32-bit color or MusicIP that is causing the trouble. 

It's fantastic that you'll help me track this one down!




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