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#1 2014-03-10 07:23:03

Registered: 2011-06-05
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WINAMP and MP3 Boss Unable to find file problem - FIXED

I've had MP3 Boss installed on one or another computer since March 2003.  Only problems I've had is when I had to move the files to new computers as I made upgrades.   Somehow I've been able to work with the mappings to make those files (about 60GB of MP3) still playable using MP3 Boss.  Yesterday was a new first. 

I was doing a fresh install of Win 7-64bit on a new C:\ drive.  I had retained my old hard drive in the computer containing mp3's, photos and other valuable files (drive:E:\).  At first everything was working just fine.  Then I noticed some files could not be found in MP3 Boss.  I got the "unable to locate files" message.  Also I noticed that I could not control WinAmp with my mulitimedia controls on my Logitech keyboard.   However, all files could play just fine on Media Player and the keyboard controls did operate Media Player. 

Looking around, I discovered that E:\ drive had a confusing set of Permissions in the windows security.  There were unknown users with various permissions on some folders.  While I was able to set correct permissions for the current user, it still did not fix the unable to find problem in MP3B.  This got me to thinking that MP3B must access files through some user other than the current user.  Possibly SYSTEM or ADMIN...who knows? 

I took the big step.  Backed up everything, reformatted E: copied my music files back to the new E:\.  All is well now.   Even Winamp plays correctly with my keyboard able to control ops.  It seems having good consistent security permissions through all folders and files is extremely important.



#2 2014-03-15 07:28:08

Registered: 2011-06-05
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Re: WINAMP and MP3 Boss Unable to find file problem - FIXED

One thing to check here is if you originally enabled 'allow short filenames' in NTFS file setup, and later system eliminated short filenames. Getting rid of short filename support (e.g., This is a long filename.mp3 = This_is~1.mp3) will cause problems if you have absolute paths longer than 255 characters.

The behavior you describe might also occur if you were trying to access folders that don't allow current user access, or if there are security limitations to a network drive.

The 255 character limit problem could go away if I updated to the Acces2013 runtime ... but I haven't been getting much customer feedback indicating that I should make the switch.



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