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#1 2007-04-16 07:41:16

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How to send me an email...

I've had some complaints that I'm not replying to emails. 

Normally, I reply within a few hours (assuming we are in the same time-zone!), and it is very rare that you won't get a response within 24 hours.

If I don't reply, it is probably because your email was caught in my spam filters.  I have a couple of email servers, and they both have at least 2 active spam filters.  I've attached the spam results for one of those servers -- notice that 92 - 100% of the emails I get are SPAM!  The total number of emails I get are in the range of 300-1500 per day -- which is why I need those filters!

I'm not sure what you can do to make sure you get through...but if you have something mentioning MP3-Boss in the subject, it is more likely I'll see it if visually scan the emails that will be deleted.

Also, you can try sending to both

Note that you WILL get a confirmation request if you send the email to or to (part of eliminating spam).

One final comment -- if you get a strange email from "me" with a topic that has nothing to do with MP3-Boss -- like "how to make money in real estate" -- it ISN'T from me!  I get those emails as well...often through my spam filter asking to confirm that I've sent the email to myself!  Evidently the spammers collect popular website addresses like  If you have suggestions on what else I should be doing to try to eliminate spam (and use of my domain-name), please let me know!


Spam & Virus Stats for the Year 2007 (mccaffjt email address)
Total number of messages               55895 
Total number of spam messages      52942 
Total number of viruses:                  191 
Spam and viruses as % of all email:  95% 

Month - Percent spam and viruses  Totals
04/01/07 99%
04/02/07 99%
04/03/07 93%
04/04/07 97%
04/05/07 98%
04/06/07 97%
04/07/07 100%
04/08/07 96%
04/09/07 94%
04/10/07 97%
04/11/07 95%
04/12/07 92%
04/13/07 98%
04/14/07 94%
04/15/07 97%



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