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#1 2004-11-27 06:05:36

Registered: 2011-06-05
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New Features requests -- what next?

There are a large number of features that I could add:

Duplicate file searches based on Artist/Album/Title (instead of file content)
CD-Caching (store most recently used files on hard drive)
Artist Fixup enhancement -- show only those artists that don't match a list of 'known good' artist names.
CD burning (mp3 files)
FreeDB lookup (use FreeDB to check artist/album/title information)
BPM lookup (use BPM database to try to verify artist/album/title information)
Reports, reports, reports (send me example formats!)
Auto-backup of DATA.MDB
Try to characterize the songs into Children/XMAS/Adult etc. during scanning...and have selection checkboxes to hide/show a specific category.
"Roll-up" the filter and Player controls on List View to get full-page of data
Better support Albumwrap, support multi-start times for a single file
Full playlist control -- mp3-boss controls each file that plays

Other enhancements?

Let me know what you want!




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