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#1 2004-11-30 10:19:30

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v0.590 beta -- released 11/30

I have worked through the CD/DVD scanning problems that have been reported... hopefully this new beta fixes things up.

1) Hardcoded temporary file write to D: redirected to temp directory under main mp3-boss directory (this might have caused failures if D:\ was a CD/DVD).
2) CD/DVD Scanning options were only read at startup, not when clicked in it looked like all of the options behaved identically.
3) CD/DVD parameters were still being read on a per-directory basis, which would dramatically slow down scanning if there were a large number of directories on a CD/DVD
4) The warn before scanning option would warn and let you tell it to skip the scan, but not necessarily skip the the scan!
5) CDFileID now requires a 50% matchcount before the CD is considered identical
6) Additional checks that make it more likely that a CD/DVD will be identified as 'new' -- and added as new volume in Volumes table.
7) Ignore SerialNumber CD scan option now really checks for Volume_Label match.
8) Scan normally option will always add a new CD/DVD volume to volumes table when the serial number has changed (same as v0.57 release version).




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