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#1 2007-05-13 18:44:39

Registered: 2011-06-05
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v0.618Beta released 13 May 2007!

Lots of new features & fixes!  Beta testers, please see the beta testers forum for download information.

Splash screen will show background picture (if selected, or on first startup)
Playlist load will show "Skip" dialog even for drives/directories that don't exist (like before!)
Registration code entry will stick better across re-install
miscellaneous minor improvements
mp4 year stored as 1/1/1904 will now be shown as blank (no year)
Scan Some will now correctly process multiple segments (e.g, 50K songs, 10K at a time)
horse animated cursor improvements
Find Winamp improvements
Playlist delay can be specified -- this improves the performance of Winamp 5.33 -- sending files too fast to Winamp 5.33 causes it to crash.  Unfortunately, to prevent the problem completely might require a very long delay (several hundred milliseconds!).  Only Winamp v5.33 seems to have this problem -- v5.32 is fine.
Additional error logging (writing to mp3boss.log) during the splash & switchboard screens.
Tooltip delay fixed
Detail view will now have MusicIP logo near PUID info (on Tag tab)
Detail view will automatically detect & remove a filter that results in 0 records
AutoMove/Configuration now supports background image
Some Unicode filename support added -- currently, this is done via 8.3 equivalent names.  Required data table format will be v1.09
CopyDown routine will monitor the number of attempts made to determine List View column order -- if it exceeds 10, you get an error and the routine will exit.  This is probably a development-only issue...but I added the code in case it is ever seen.
Invalid files (in addition to 'too short') will now show up in the "Skipped Files" table during scanning.  The header for the skipped files form was improved.
The end-of-scan message is now: "Completed processing (xx files skipped)." instead of simply "Completed processing."
Better way of reading Winamp volume before setting it (should eliminate the on-load too-loud volume problem).
New columns in ListView: TrackArtist, ScanDate, Compilation, Composer, Orchestra, MovementName, MovementNumber, VerifiedArtist
ListView checkbox to indicate that filename in Unicode format
Rating and #times played stored in ID3v2 Popularimeter field (email address set from BlatMail configuration)



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