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#1 2007-05-20 03:21:41

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v0.619 Released May 20!

v0.619 - release 05/20/07
Added checkboxes to ListView and Detail view to show filenames in unicode format, and also to show filenames that Windows considers invalid (even though they are valid in DOS). Added "Select ALL", "Clear ALL" checkboxes in configuration to make it easier to select filetypes to scan.  Scanning fixes - better support for unicode filenams & Windows-invalid filenames. Scanning now does a better job of listing files that were skipped (adds a "Valid" checkbox in the Skip table -- to indicate files that are really only too short). Scanning will skip the "Is this the first time this CD has been scanned..." question if the volume table started out empty (GetVolID).  Fixed CopyDown (broken because of all the new fields that were just added).  Improved horse cursor animation response (now changes to hourglass when over buttons).  Minor scanning improvements. Changed defaults - horse cursor, form background picture ON by default.

I plan to leave this for the beta testers for a few days...and then make this the official release.  Please let me know if you find any problems immediately!  THANKS!



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