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#1 2007-06-09 06:04:35

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v0.6202 Update (bugfix if UPGRADED to v0.6202)

If you UPGRADED to v0.6202, you can install and run the attached update program to fix a field-length problem.  If your first installation was v0.617 or later, then you shouldn't need this fix.

The update is available at:

Before updating, please save your DATA.MDB file (just in case).

Unzip UPDATE.MDE into your mp3boss directory.

Start/All Programs/MP3Boss/Update Data Table

Select the "Force Update" checkbox, and be sure that you have selected v1.08 (or earlier) as the starting version.

This new update should correctly update for field lengths -- and should eliminate the problem you see during scanning.

Let me know how it goes.  I will add this new UPDATE to the next release.



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