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#1 2007-06-09 09:26:29

Registered: 2011-06-05
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MusicIP scanning (PUID tags)

I've just posted a world map showing recent MP3-Boss activity around the world -- take a look at:
(you might need to scroll down a little to see the map)

The dots on the maps show recent Mp3-Boss activity when scanning new songs for PUID tags.  Really pretty cool to see the activity!

Because not everyone uses PUID tags, and because only a first-time scan is doesn't track MP3-Boss use, but just recent new users of MP3-Boss.

MP3-Boss handles PUID tags intelligently -- since they take awhile to obtain, it only sends out for PUID information if tag information doesn't already exist.  Also, it caches the information even if you erase your DATA.MDB file, it doesn't have to send out again for the same song.  Finally...once you write the tag information to the file, it no longer needs to send out for the information. is definitely fun for me to see the activity!  Last month, there was a lot more activity in Russia and Africa -- it would be great if you can keep up the activity and color more of the world!

I'll post new versions of the Map as it keep posted!

p.s.  While MusicIP gets your geographic information (from the IP) when you query their database, none of the information is stored other than to accumulate numbers of hits for different regions of the world.



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