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#1 2007-07-20 00:32:10

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Next version... (v0.631)

The following bugs will be fixed:

1) CPU load is shown without a label on the scan page.  That's the number (e.g., 45 or 82) that you see right above the "Directories to Scan" label.

2) On some systems, if you've selected MusicIP, the Configuration dialog comes up every time you start a scan.  This problem is only seen on computers that don't have a ...mp3boss\PUID\example.exe file present (no longer required for MP3-Boss v0.63+)

3) Typing the information into "Directory to scan..." (instead of Browse...) doesn't properly select the current/next checkbox.  Also fixed a problem with enabling checkbox.

4) New version of DLL used to process tags -- vendor has verified that the "Microsoft Access has encountered a problem..." error was due to the DLL, and he hopes to get me a fixed DLL within a few days.  Fortunately, so far I've only seen a single mp3 file that causes the problem.  As always...if you see strange results on ANY file, please send me the file so I can reproduce the problem here.

5) Improved formatting of numbers during scan.

6) Default scan on installation will only scan mp3 files (instead of all filetypes).



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