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#1 2007-08-25 07:59:30

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v0.632 pre-release

New version of installer to take care of VISTA related issues:
MP3-Boss will be completely compatible with Access2007 in addition to Access97, Access2K, Access2003.
MP3-Boss will install to the new VISTA directory structure when run under VISTA
Force a refresh of the scan screen when starting to analyze a file -- in some cases, the scan might show the previous file or directory instead of the file that caused the problem.  Scan directories sometimes wouldn't be stored/recalled correctly.
Tooltips not shown for List View on some (fast) computers -- since the code to show the tooltips might be running before the screen has been painted.  Please let me know if anyone sees this for other forms

It looks like a memory leak problem caused by one of the OCX files I use is fixed -- I've gotten a new beta of that OCX from the developer.

New beta-test release available (only FULL INSTALL available for now):

I expect to have the update install available in a day or so if things go well...



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