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#1 2007-10-30 23:17:24

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v0.638 Beta Release

The following is in v0.638:

Added "SmartPUID" -- scan your files without tag information LAST -- really speeds up your first big scans, since a PUID scan can easily require 30s.  A future improvement will be to hold the filename information in a separate table so that the filesystem doesn't need to be scanned twice when SmartPUID is enabled.

Under certain conditions, ID3v2 user-comments and user-URL (WXXX) were twice as long as they should be (e.g., ABCD was shown as ABCDABCD).

Fixed some incorrectly labeled PUID results (identified as good-PUID scan, but no PUID value).  Mainly a problem with short WAV files.

Immediate (instead of next-load) update of "Files to scan per loop"

Default to 500 playlist delay if Winamp v5.3x (v5.5x takes care of the problem).

Full install:

Update install:

Please let me know if you find any problems with the beta.  Thanks!



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