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#1 2007-12-15 03:00:14

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Broken MP3 scan/fix.


MP3 Boss seems like a really good product and you've obviously put a lot of effort into it.

I came across it because like most people I have a large file collection I need to sort out. When I was looking for something to administer my music with there were a few things that were really desirable:

1) Check my files to make sure the ID3 tags are correct and if not, update them correctly
I believe Music IP does this well.

2) Check the filenames and path are correct in comparison to the ID3 (eg /Artist/Album/Song) and change them if needed
Is this a feature anywhere?

3) Check all songs for any errors (jumps or glitches, header info etc) and fix if possible. I've found a program called mp3val that has a cli that may be accessible by your program without too much extra effort. I haven't tested it extensively but it has flagged several errored mp3's on my system.

And lastly all these options should be reversible as I've had too many programs destroy perfectly good mp3's because I was too trusting and selected 'Fix all'.

Thanks for reading and good luck with the program, I'll probably register after I've tested it some more.




#2 2007-12-15 10:32:18

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Re: Broken MP3 scan/fix.

1) This is why MP3-Boss was created.  It uses tags, filenames, pathnames, known artists, and MusicIP to try to get the information right.  Plus, with ArtistFixup -- it is pretty easy to make sure that all the artists are in a consistent format.

2) The way to correct the filanems & paths is with AutoMove/AutoRename (a toolbar button in ListView). Once you've gotten the artist/album/title correct -- you just use AutoRename/AutoMove to make sure all the names and locations are consistent.

3) Thanks for this information!  I was looking for something like it...and it looks perfect for incorporation into MP3-Boss!

By default, MP3-Boss only reads the file information -- you can check out all of the information in List View, and then update tags on a song-by-song basis, or all at once.  AutoRename/AutoMove comes with the ability to look at what is going to be done (original/new filename & path) before the operation is performed.

The only 'dangerous' operations are probably the items on the Utilities/Cleanup tab -- however, those haven't changed in a long while, and there are thousands of people using MP3-Boss every day.  I try to respond to any problem report within 24 hours.

Thanks for the comments!



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