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#1 2007-12-15 10:42:18

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Next version (v0.639)

The following will be fixed in v0.639:

FIXED: AutoRename -- Custom type, doesn't clear template when creating new template.

FIXED: If missing FileCRC for a record, the information will be corrected when running duplicate check (instead of causing NULL error when running duplicate check).

FIXED: If Lyrics was CRLF (or started with CRLF) -- would give a scanning error.
FIXED: Changed ID3_TMED to 255 chars max (sometimes caused scan error).

FIXED: Artist name that included both single & double quotes (e.g., My"Art'st) would cause an error during scanning.

FIXED: ID3 tag information was sometimes used to populate the database for files without ID3 tags (e.g., WAV)

FIXED: More reliable downloading PUID setup files.

FIXED: Update no longer gives an error message (was being called using pre-VISTA convention).

Show Popularimeter rating and email IDV32 tag in detail view.  Will support up to 255 separate Popularimeter ratings.

Updated MusicIP genPUID from v1.0 to v1.2

Added: List View Hotkeys for Find (Alt-N) and Detail (Alt-I).  Also changed those fonts to MS Sans Serif 8 (from Small Fonts 7).

Added: %Rated0 -- how many rated out of ALL songs.

Improved: Change MusicIP cache to database (instead of text file) -- so no slow-down with huge database

Eliminate a possible problem with database references being temporary -- it is possible that this is the cause of the sporadic reports of problems with v0.638.  While I've never seen the problem, it is possible that VISTA and dual-core might be resulting in a temporary pointer for a database object.

Finally eliminate the need for multiple scans on large collections.  Instead of having to scan 5K - 10K files at a time, the new release will allow scanning at least 150K files at one time.  In addition, the collection will no longer be a temporary object -- so you can stop (and even exit Mp3-Boss or reboot the computer), and then restart scans from where you left off.  This...coupled with intelligent MusicIP means that you'll be able to get your database populated faster than ever before!

Improved installer -- now will tell you if you need to perform full install (instead of update install only) to get full VISTA compatibility.

"Break on All Errors" explicitly set to False --> hopefully this will fix some of the scan-stopped-on-error problems.

Other fixes to investigate:
Delete empty directories (Scan Selected)
"drag and drop" a track in the Winamp playlist confuses MP3-Boss playlist.
mp3val/mp3utility support (detect glitched mp3 files)
dbPowerAmp support? (utility to convert and compress audio files)

Please let me know if I've left something off the list!


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