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#1 2007-12-28 19:16:27

Registered: 2011-06-05
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Tools that I use to collect mp3 files

Probably a lot of you have noticed the Audio/Video Streaming Capture Suite that I show on the website, and now show under my name here on the forum.

I've been using that tool for quite awhile now -- it is particularly useful if you want to capture radio shows on the web.  You can even set it up to automatically record live shows that occur at a certain time.

Take a look at all the TV shows that are available -- instead of having to watch them 'live' on the web, you just have A/V Capture capture them as a movie -- and no more annoying pauses when you internet connection gets a bit slow.

While I bought the suite (because I also like to get save videos), you can also click the link above to buy just Replay Radio for $39.95.  I actually bought Replay Radio (which now is called Replay Music) first, and then upgraded to the full suite later.

The good news (for me?) is that if you buy Replay Radio or Audio/Video Streaming Capture Suite by clicking on the links'll be helping to support MP3-Boss development.

Thanks in advance!



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