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#1 2007-12-28 19:36:45

Registered: 2011-06-05
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More tools to collect mp3 files...

Another tool that I bought and use pretty regularly, is something called Pimpfish.

I'll agree it is a strange name, but it performs a very useful function.

Ever found a great site with free mp3 files, but you really didn't want to spend an hour clicking & saving the files indivdually?  For instance, those live recordings or live classical music files you'll often find at college sites -- often have a hundred or more files.  Some are good...some not so good...

Enter Pimpfish -- just tell it to suck up all the mp3 files that it finds, and store them to your local hard drive.  Makes it a LOT easier to listen to those files when you feel like it, and use MP3-Boss to rate/move/delete the files depending on what you think.

Again, by buying Pimpfish through the links you find here, you'll be supporting MP3-Boss development.

Once you get to the link above -- try the free "Download Trial" link to test it out first!  That's what I did...and then upgraded later ($29.95).

Thanks in advance!



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