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#1 2008-03-03 16:07:07

New member
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Rearranging My Files by Tag Contents

I've tried sending you this message via email, but your whitelist URL doesn't seem to be working, so here it is, pasted direct from my sent folder.

Well, I've already exceeded your posted MP3 collection size in bytes
if not tracks.  I have about 51,000 songs spread over two drives,
about 240GB of data.  MP3-Boss has had absolutely no trouble inhaling
all the information about my collection.

However, as I'm sure you know, with size comes complexity.  I'm not
sure how to interpret the help information regarding your storage of
ID3 V2 tags.  Frankly, ID3 V2 tags are very important to me because
they contain the extra metadata I need to run a DMCA-compliant
Internet broadcast service.  I am slowly but surely whipping my
collection into shape tag-wise, but I made the mistake of not
segregating tagged files from untagged ones at the start.  This is
where I'm thinking--hoping--praying?--that MP3-Boss can come to my

Let me describe my storage layout first.  It's really very simple.  I
have a top-level directory on each of two drives called Rock.  One
drive is strictly Top 40 songs, the other strictly classic rock songs.
The Top 40 collection is broken down into three subdirectories--50's,
Main, and Miscellaneous.  The 50's and Main folders are broken down by
artist, then either album within artist or miscellaneous tracks within
artist.  As an example, I have an Abba folder, in which you'd find two
albums called "Abba Gold" and "More Abba Gold," plus a few Abba tracks
that aren't on either of the above.  Back up to the first level under
Rock, the Miscellaneous folder is for one-hits, songs for which it
makes no sense to create artist folders because there's only one
track.  For efficiency's sake, I broke this folder into three almost
equal subfoldersk, each with about 600 songs.  Technically they could
all be put into one folder, but I thought the search time in Windows
might get a little long if the folder got too big.

The classic rock collection is set up precisely the same way--root
folder, artists, albums and miscellaneous tracks within artists. There
are no intervening folders like 50's or Main or Miscellaneous in this

What I want to do with MP3-Boss is to identify every track in both
collections that contains something--anything--in four ID3 V2 tag
fields--artist, album, publisher, and title, and move those selected
tracks to another directory tree that is exactly like the one the
track is currently in, except with a different top-level name.  If the
program finds a track in, say, "E:\Rock\The Beatles\Hard Day's Night"
with all four tags containing data, take that track and put it into
"\Tagged\The Beatles\Hard Day's Night".  From what I see, I *think* it
can do this, but the auto move form is a on the complex side and I'm
having trouble with figuring out how to set up the filter to identify
the tracks, not to mention how to set up the path properly to have
them auto-moved.

Anyway, that's it.  Now I lay me down to rest, hoping MP3-Boss can
pass the test! <smile>.  I've never seen a program like this, and I
hope I'm not expecting too much out of it, but like I said, from what
I've read in the Help file, it looks doable--I just can't quite get

Thanks very much in advance for any reply.



#2 2008-03-03 18:32:43

Registered: 2011-06-05
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Re: Rearranging My Files by Tag Contents

I got your email in my inbox as well ... sometimes the SPAM filter messages are just a bit confusing.

The biggest collection I'm aware of now has about 130K songs (almost 700GB!), so Mp3-Boss should certainly work fine for you...

The information I have in the Help file is outdated now ... I keep adding new features instead of updating help.  I've tried to keep this forum up-to-date with all of the information, but I do know that I'll have to go back and update help.

The good news is that the v0.651 (beta) version of MP3-Boss now updates almost all ID3v2 tags that are out there.  I just checked, it reads and writes about 50 different ID3v2 tags.  The older 0.637 release only writes about a half-dozen ID3v2 fields (but reads almost 50 fields).

First -- are you using the release or beta version?  I think this beta is just about ready for release, and I think you'll like the additional ID3v2 tagging that it does.

Also, when Mp3-Boss scans files, if it can't find any tagging information, it will normally call up MusicIP and try to locate the information off the web.  I think that more than 70% of untagged files can be identified in this way (even if the name/folder is wrong).  If MusicIP doesn't have the information, MP3-Boss will try to identify the file by name & folder information.

So...after scanning, you'll find that most of your files have pretty good information.

You may not realize that by clicking the "Tag" button in List View, and then clicking the "Empty Tag ONLY" checkbox -- you'll see all your files that don't have tags.  By browsing through these files without tags, you'll get an idea of whether most of these files have good or bad information.  You can update the information and write tags right from this dialog.  Often, if you've already used List View to fixup the information, you just select "Edited ONLY" and "Empty Tag ONLY" and "Auto-Update ALL" to write all the tag information to the files.

After you've updated all the tags, it really might not be necessary for you to have a separate "Tagged" directory structure.  MP3-Boss really doesn't care if the files have updated tags, but it tracks when a data record has changed -- so whenever you update the List View information, you can always go back to the Tag editor and Auto-Update the tags for all edited records.

However, if you first want to see what songs don't have updated artist, album, and title information -- you can move those columns around in List View and then Sort based on all 3 fields.  Sort Ascending to put all the blank entries at the top.  To Filter, you can click the Select box for the first entry that you want to select, then CopyDown to the last entry that you want to select -- and then use "Show Select Filters" to just show the unselected entries.  Following this, you'd use AutoMove to move those entries into "Tagged".  You can keep the original directory structure with "Move to Drive\Directory, but keep original directory structure" if you don't want to automatically move things based on \Category\Artist\Album.  I recommend that you first move based on a small trial set so you can see if you get the results you want.  Note that you can get a listing that shows what will happen before Mp3-Boss actually moves the files.

The only problem I see with what you want is that I don't track publisher in List View -- that is only available in Detail View.  I haven't seen Publisher used much, so I haven't put it in the main List View.  Are most of your files already tagged with Publisher?  From Detail View, you could sort or filter based on Publisher once you select "Full/Sortable" in Detail View ... but I'm not sure how you'd then be able to use that information effectively in List View.  I'll have to think about this.  If I added Select to Detail View, that might be one way to then select the desired records based on any Filter/Sort, although I don't yet have the equivalent of "CopyDown" in the detail view.  Let me know what you think.



#3 2008-03-05 09:34:19

New member
Registered: 2011-06-05
Posts: 3

Re: Rearranging My Files by Tag Contents

Wow, that's something!  I'll have to experiment and get back to you on most things you told me to do.  I can, though, tell you one or two things.  First, all my files--all 51000+ files--are properly tagged with title and artist. Most are even properly tagged with album.  Up until last week, none were tagged with publisher (record label).  This is now a requirement, and I'm rushing to fill in the gaps, artist by artist, day by day, the list of files tagged with all four fields is growing.  I am only allowed to play files on my Internet station which have all four of these tags, which is why I wanted to move them to a separate area because the play-out system I use is not Winamp.  I'm still using program version 0.637.  I'll download 0.651 and have a go at that monster sort and select, will let you know what happens.

And now, for my next, probably easier, question ...

I've updated a lot of files since my original scan.  Added some, too.  Do I just do another full scan and tell the program to only look at new files?  Will that pick up both the changes *and* additions?

Thanks in advance.



#4 2008-03-05 16:41:14

Registered: 2011-06-05
Posts: 1298

Re: Rearranging My Files by Tag Contents

How do you end up tagging files with Publisher?  How do you locate that information?  Are there only a few publishers, or thousands?

By the way -- have you taken a look at Artist Fixup?  It is usually the quickest way to update lots of artists at once (especially to fixup spelling errors).

Updated files scan:
Just scan for New Files ONLY, and that will pick up just the new files.  Select the FileSize Check and FileDate Check to make sure that it picks up changes you've made with other programs.



#5 2008-03-06 03:25:28

New member
Registered: 2011-06-05
Posts: 3

Re: Rearranging My Files by Tag Contents

OK, update went very well.

You asked where I got the publisher info.  Winamp has a tool that checks the "sound fingerprint," if you will, with the Gracenote database, which has about a 70% or so success rate on filling in the proper information for the title, artist, album and publisher (record label) for anything in most of the popular music genres (pop, top 40, classic rock, country, etc.)  It fills this information in the ID3 V2 section.  Then I have to run another external utility to make a copy of that tag into yet another portion of the file known as the APE (Monkey's Audio) standard tags, which are different from the MP3 ID3 ones.  Then my play-out system reads these APE tags and produces the metadata required to go out with my stream.  I suppose it's possible to use the Boss to fill in this info, but everyone on my project has agreed to use Gracenote first, then the stores (AllMusic, Amazon, etc.)  No matter, what I need the Boss to do is, as I said from the start, separate my collections into two parts--the tagged and the untagged, based on all four fields having something in them to start with, I'll smooth out the finer points of accuracy as I go through.  I'm going to try what you mentioned in your previous message later on this morning--didn't get to it yesterday--and see if I can at least sort things correctly with the new version.



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