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#1 2008-04-13 04:33:37

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v0.653 beta release May 4, 2008!

Add the ability to automatically check for updates every SPAM days.

In List View -- if you bring up Artist Fixup after entering a 'not found' filter in List View (but haven't left that filter field to get the error), when you close Artist Fixup, the List View screen wasn't being redrawn.

Performing a secondary check to make sure a file is skipped if the record can't be written.  In certain situations, a second attempt was being made to write the record when it wasn't possible (because of field-size or missing field information)...and instead of moving to the next file it would error-out.  In addition, for those situations where it has to error out, the Scanning page is now properly closed down.

Status indicator (and hourglass) when deleting volumes (since filepaths are individually deleted).

Additional status information during "Processing directories", which would sometimes appear to freeze between status-bar updates when looking up artist verification information over the web.

Additional error checking on Initialization load.
Additional error checking when loading playlist (could hang when loading playlist if Winamp wasn't attached when brought up List View -- player_missing).

Additional checks before writing to mp3boss.log file -- no longer will create a huge log because of an error that keeps repeating.  Instead, the error will be logged twice, then after 10, 100, 1000 occurences (and then repeats).

If a 'long' ID3v2 comment is short enough to fit in the 'short' comment field, and the short comment field is empty, then the 'long' information is put in the short comment field (and long comment cleared).

Added "Filters" to Duplicate checking shortcut menu.

Doesn't write PUID information unless something (e.g., artist, title, album) is returned (not just PUID).

Bugfix: If scan multiple CDs/DVDs on a single drive, without scanning another drive, subsequent CDs/DVDs would keep the volume information from the first CD/DVD scanned.

New database version (v1.11) -- adds additional PUID fields.  Recent versions of MP3-Boss would auto-add these fields when loading database...but updating from some earlier versions might not add the fields.  Also, deletes any MusicIP records that aren't complete. … php?id=450



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