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#1 2004-12-13 06:15:58

Registered: 2011-06-05
Posts: 43

Uppercase or lowercase or Propercase

Is it possiable to tag a mp3 all attributes File Name Artist Title comments to be all upper lower or propercase. Currently i am streamlining my mp3's too look the same all uppercase so it has one look and not a mish mosh of some mp3's uppercase some lower case sme proper case depending who sends me the file...  Is this a new feature request?



#2 2004-12-13 06:56:53

Registered: 2011-06-05
Posts: 1296

Re: Uppercase or lowercase or Propercase

If you right-click some of the fields in list view, you can select "Lowercase", "Uppercase", or "Propercase".  Let me know if you need additional columns with that feature.

I think I fixup some of the information when I scan it...but not sure about trying to fixup everything.  Sounds a bit risky, since sometimes things really should be a mix (e.g., ABBA instead of Abba, INXS instead of Inxs).



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