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#1 2008-06-28 06:56:32

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v0.656 available for Beta -- COMMENTS APPRECIATED!

Fixed problem with scanning Media tags that included embedded single-quotes.

Added background wallpaper to Playlist dialog.

Fixed registration timeout problem.

Started working on Foobar2000 support.  Not quite as easy as I'd like, since Foobar2000 recommends against using Windows messaging as a means of control.  However, using Foobar200 Com_Control, I am able to autoload Foobar2000 and play/pause songs.  Still a long way to go to provide anything like Winamp support.

I've added an image to the List View page -- it will show the selected mp3 file and any JPG images that are in that directory.  The image allows drag & drop, double-click brings up the file in the default application, and right-click brings up the Explorer shell view for the selected filetype (song or JPG).  It looks like it will be a nice addition.  I've made it work at 800x600 by squeezing it in the space to the left of the Winamp controls.  Otherwise it is to the right of the Winamp Controls.

In addition, the song selected in List View appears in a draggable textbox.  Clicking on that box brings up a message box that includes some of the details from List View.

What additional features do I need?  For instance, instead of just JPG ... why not all image formats (JPG, ICO, BMP, GIF, PDF, EXE, VIDEO)?  How about any/all embedded pictures (although then it isn't clear that it should be clickable/selectable).  How about auto-update the list when a new song starts playing?  Let me know what you think...

This early beta release gives you a chance to make comments/suggestions before I finalize features. … php?id=450

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