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#1 2008-08-16 09:56:45

Registered: 2011-06-05
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v0.668 Development

The statusbar was being cleared too quickly when copying/moving files -- this resulted in strange blinking.  A similar problem might exist when scanning (under investigation).

Changed ID3 tag dialog caption to "Create ID3v1/ID3v2 tags" (it was: Create ID3v1 tag).

Added Rating drop-down to Create ID3v1/ID3v2 tags dialog.

Fixed problem with reading ID3v2 Popularimeter tags (they were being written, but not always read).

If Check for Updates was set to "Never Check" -- was checking for updates every time MP3-Boss was loaded.

Fixed rare problem of List View trying to check/update some controls that had already been closed (error traps in MainList & SubList form_open).

Moved the COPY/MOVE buttons (top of List View) further to the right so they don't interfere with the "confirm file rename/delete" text -- when running at higher than 800x600 resolution.

Fixed problem with List View Form_Resize -- wasn't clearing old ToolTip locations when entering new (after resize) locations.  This resulted in 'double-tooltips'.

When Moving/Copying files -- would sometimes show the same "could not copy/move the file..." message twice.

Changed Winamp 'wait for load' timer to use timegettime instead of timer, and tried to cleanup the timeout code.  Added error trap (writing to log) if Winamp isn't loaded within timeout interval.

New feature: PAR/PAR2 cleanup to help with file cleanup after Usenet downloads.  Much like PAR Buddy (or PAR & RAR), but supports PAR/PAR2 files (even if misnamed), Unicode filenames, and auto-moving the recovered files into a new location with Artist/Album directory structure (or Unknown/UnknownZZ, where ZZ auto-increments, if the Artist/Album can't be determined).  Automatically moves all of the files listed in the PAR/PAR2 into the new directory, along with the PAR/PAR2 file for later validation (while deleting the Name.VOL*.PAR2 files after files have been recovered/verified).  Searches any number of specified directories for 'lost' files, and will auto-delete exact duplicates.  Requires QuickPAR for automatic recovery of corrupted files.

I have been quite pleased with testing of this module -- it looks like it can do a better job of Usenet cleanup than anything out there.  Because it uses Access tables to store all of the MD5 information, it can locate exact duplicates very quickly even if there are tens-of-thousands of files to cleanup.

I will probably hold off on adding SFV/RAR support until after I get this released.  Anybody have some really fast CRC32 routines for the SFV recovery?

Anyone have suggestions on required features?



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