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#1 2008-10-05 13:05:49

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v0.669 Beta Release Nov 16, 2008

Beta Release -- 11/16/2008

Lots of changes for PAR Cleanup -- now it performs a final sweep to detect identical files in the source directory (with 4 delete options - Never, Exact, Similar and Aggressive), plus sweeps against the destination directory to see if duplicates have already been moved.  Fixes a major bug that meant that files that started with numbers (e.g., 01.par2) weren't checked.  PAR2 checking MUCH faster if there are a lot of files in a PAR2 set or if a very large PAR2 (e.g., >10MB) is scanned.  Adds first-pass SFV support (I'd like to make SFV support as full featured as PAR/PAR2 -- but CRC32 checking is so slow that I'm reluctant to calculate CRC32 for all files).
The only problem that I'm aware of is that the 'everything valid' routine might get confused if all song files are valid but associated files (e.g., JPG, M3U) are present but invalid.

A later revision will add auto-move of incomplete files as long as a required percentage of the files (e.g., 70%) are valid...with the partials (and PARx recovery volumes) moved to MoveToDir\ValidDir\Incomplete\ subdirectory.  I will also add glitch-checking on the files remaining in the MoveFrom directory ... and move the files that are 'good' to appropriate output directories.

Fixes multiple file delete error -- I think finally all of the following work:
Delete ALL Highlighted
Delete single
Delete all Selected (checkbox)
...and the List View movement now works correctly for all situations (beginning of list, end of list, middle of list) and delete types.

Invalid OGG file scan error (#61706) fixed.  OGG will be place in table, but only the filepath information is available (hopefully this can be fixed later).  In addition, a new error (which includes short filename) is logged whenever an invalid audio file is scanned.

CopyDown improvement -- better control of "Overwrite Destination File" dialog.  Now allows 'auto-overwrite smaller file' so you don't have to keep clicking.
Note: I decided to hide the 'Rename' option until a later release ... I'd like to get this release finished up.

Fixed "You made an illegal function call" error that sometimes happened during CopyDown files.

Additional checks during Winamp load to try to fix that problem of Winamp timeout on first load.

Fixes mailing label comment on Utilities tab (now



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