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#1 2008-10-25 18:07:57

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Registered: 2011-06-05
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List View Filters

If I may add after searching for something a radio button under "Show Select Filters" called "Return to List" to return to the main list would be much prefered to having to zero in on the little tiny box to check "UnFilteredl" and mabye default searching should be no checks so that "Artist " could be picked or "Title" so we don't have to uncheck everything but what we want Not complaining just trying to make things easier for the next guy. For four days I would close the search window and go back to the home window and click list again before I discovered what the little unchecked box did. And last but not least how about a "BANNED SONG" radio button so that it stays in the table but won't show up in the playlist unless purposly added again with a right click pull down option in the rating catagory,



#2 2008-10-26 05:55:38

Registered: 2011-06-05
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Re: List View Filters

In addition to the "Unfiltered" checkbox, there is a small [CLR] button (to the immediate right of the text Filters:.  Clicking that CLR button will clear and reset the filters.

If you want to search for just a specific Artist, it is usually more convenient to use the Artist combobox to do that search instead of typing text in Filter for:.  I've found it more convenient to have Filter for: search everything (thus the 'all selected' defaults), since as long as the search word or phrase is pretty specific often you'd like to know if it occurs anywhere in the record.  Also, if you want to search just a specific column (e.g., Title) -- if you select that column you can Right-click and select 'Find...'.

I agree that the selections can be confusing, and are too small.  List View still works down to an 800x600 resolution screen -- leaving very little room for the Filter and Winamp controls.  I have thought about moving all of this filter information to a pop-up form. 

'Banned Song' is a good idea -- months ago I added a selection table that would allow specification of up to 10 different subcategories (e.g., Adult, Children, Christmas, Banned) that would allow you to show/not-show the specific category.  After starting that addition, I dropped it 'to think further about implementation' because it seems to require a large form with 10 checkboxes for selection (which will cause me some implementation problems).



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