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#1 2009-02-10 04:56:12

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v0.671 Development

<Fixed> Some files are not correctly scanned (Length=0) if short filenames are disabled under NTFS file system and there are lots of similarly named files in the scanned directory.

<Under Investigation> Winamp 'path not found' results in Winamp not being automatically loaded when you call up List View.  Loading Winamp before List View works OK.
It looks like this was due to a registry problem...I will capture additional information to the MP3Boss.LOG so I can hopefully correct this in the future.

<Fixed>Field too small error when scanning caused by WXXX tag (ID3v2) longer than 255 chars.  In addition, the validate code has been moved out of the main routine.

<Fixed>New install routine would always ask if you wanted to create new database or keep existing.

<Fixed>Minor update to update check -- now show 'running current version' message in status bar instead of popping up a dialog.

<Fixed>If an error is displayed during scanning, change from horse cursor to hourglass (since horse cursor makes clicking difficult).



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