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#1 2008-08-10 14:15:36

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v0.667 beta release

This version was developed mainly to track down a rare 'field too short' problem.  The problem was traced to disabling NTFS support for short filenames.  Short filename support was added to MP3-Boss to work around some Windows network problems.

This version adds additional error logging (including a new CheckValid counter to help with identification of 'field too short' problems).  Added code to better handle NTFS systems that have shortnames turned off.  Added additional messages to dialog when moving files (so messages aren't only shown on the statusbar).  Fixed problem with '#Error' being shown for Total Song Length (List View).  If you still see this problem, simply click on '#Error' and some information will be written to the log file -- email me the log and I'll take a look.  Removed Foobar support because of implementation problems -- let me know how important Foobar is to you, and I'll take another look.  I am able to detect and start Foobar, but many of the more sophisticated functions (like full playlist control) aren't available in Foobar.  I was trying to use a comserver to add that functionality, but it looks like the comserver wasn't developed fully.

I plan to make this version the official release in a few days, since several people were involved in the internal beta to help me figure out that NTFS file problem.



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