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#1 2008-12-04 03:58:11

Registered: 2011-06-05
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v0.670 Development

Auto-update wasn't auto-updating (update files were downloaded, but wouldn't be run).

Help-About would give an error dialog (txtsystemresources) if short filename support was disabled.

PAR2 scan error fixed "Can't locate file information in: .vol00+01.par2".

When click to start PAR2 scan -- immediately change mouse to hourglass.

If 'no files found' during scan -- append message with filetypes scanned.
<example: "No files found (wma, ogg)">

First stage New File Check - Time to Completion: Don't update time so quickly (e.g., if 30minutes estimated, no need to update every second).  Only update when estimate changed by more than +/-5%.

Adding to playlist after doing a Delete/Selected wasn't working.

No longer use ID3v2 tagging for MP4, M4A, M4P files.  If an iTunes-created m4a files was corrupted by the addition of an ID3v2 tag, will automatically remove the tag (which should make the file playable again). <Auto-fix selectable in Configuration>

Added WheelMouse support to List View (mouse scrolling).  Not completely implemented (yet) -- I'd like your comments. <selectable ON/OFF in Configuration>

New code to prevent duplicate error logging -- checking last 4 messages, and only add new information.

Automatically rename files that contain invalid characters in the filenames (e.g., ASCII 0 - 31).  This requires short filename support enabled, and also requires some luck with 'guessing' the equivalent short filename.  Invalid chars are substituted with an underline ("_").

No longer show "Completed File Move." message (and 2s delay) at startup unless files were actually moved.

Add button to enable short filename (8.3) support if it is disabled.

Updated copyright to include 2009.



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