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#1 2017-09-04 09:13:00

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Setting up a NAS Server with all of your files...

I am setting up a 32TB Raid-5 wireless NAS server to try to get all my files in one place, and hopefully keep them safer by allowing backup to the cloud.

I figured I'd document the process a bit in case others are interested.
WD MyCloud PR4100 32TB (about 26TB free as received due to Raid-5).

Fast application to copy/verify from other locations (much better than Windows copy across a wireless network): FastCopy (64-bit) v3.32

Reading .bin, .cue files (and converting to virtual drive to rip): VirtualDVD v7.5 (Oh!Soft)

LAME (64-bit) v3.99.2.5 to rip any CD audio (from VirtualDVD)
CDex v1.83 on top of LAME. CDex interfaces to FreeDB to get album information.

Amazon Fire box to make my TV 'smart'
PLEX as the media server (along with Plex Clients on computer, phone, tablet). Doesn't play stored DVD format (.VOB), and stutters/stops when playing .MTS video from my camera.
VLC allows DVD play (mostly), while Plex won't play .VOB files. PLEX does a good job with .mpg and .mp4.
MediaGuru (allows faster access when looking through thousands of photos, and more efficient when looking at proprietary hi-res videos from my camera)

Next step will be to create a database of all files with MD5 checksum, dupe-checking, and organization capability - the next version of MP3-Boss. Note that it will need to work with 'all' file types, but especially music + photos (with tagging).

I'm sure this isn't the only (or best) possible setup. Please let me know what you think - and how to improve!



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