The frame bullet went from pointed (7.65mm Mauser)

to rounded (6.5mm Carcano)

because the frame rifles were swapped


The 3 bullet shells in evidence went from Mauser shells to Carcano shells








Alyea's shot a total of 400 feet of film which was "11 minutes, 3 seconds and 16 frames"

which left the Texas School Book Depository at 2:10 p.m. on 11-22-63



The Alyea film circulating in public is less than a minute

and is a very cleverly made composite of frames from:

- the 12:50 p.m. to 1:06 p.m. finding of the 7.65 Mauser

(Roger Craig and Seymour Weitzman were present)

- and the 1:55 p.m. filming of the frame Carcano

(Roger Craig and Seymour Weitzman were not present)




The other ten minutes+ of Alyea film have not been made public


Some of it was burned and never seen by the public

<begin quote>

Alyea shot all of his fim... Alyea increduously remembers, "The news director had a bunch of it burned

<end quote>


The frames burned probably contained the frames showing the 7.65 Mauser frame rifle




Roger Craig and Seymour Weitzman were in none of the 1:55 PM frames

showing the frame Carcano because

Roger Craig and Seymour Weitzman had left the building at 1:06 PM,

long before Day And Fritz were filmed with the frame Carcano at 1:55 PM




None of the frames in the composite Alyea film showing the frame Carcano

also show Roger Craig and Seymour Weitzman





M a u s e r   E p i s o d e
12:50 PM to 1:06 PM Mauser discovered, present are Craig, Fritz, Day, Weitzman, Boone, Mooney, this is filmed, possibly by Alyea

1:06 PM Craig, Fritz, Day, Weitzman, Boone, Mooney leave the TSBD, time stamped by Craig, the Mauser was left in the TSBD

1:25 PM Mauser found of roof of 411 Elm



C a r c a n o   E p i s o d e
1:30+ PM the Carcano is discovered on the 5th floor, Ellsworth witnesses this; then it is swapped for the Mauser as the frame rifle

1:55 PM the Carcano is filmed with Day and Fritz, Craig was not there, he had left the TSBD at 1:06 PM


1:55+ PM Day is photographed holding the Carcano outside the TSBD


2:10 PM Alyea film (may have frames of Mauser and Carcano) leaves 411 Elm




E r r a t a
2:10 PM Alyea's first roll of film leaves the TSBD


2:14 PM cartridges found before 1:23 PM were reported on TV

3:00 PM +/- Day returns to the TSBD per unsigned WC testiony

6:00 PM +/- Day leaves TSBD per unsigned WC testimony






Bo Mabra Quote:

In any case, I was there just a couple of minutes then we went up to the
door of the book store building then we found out what happened. All
theofficers had been up in the building and as they were coming
downstairs, one of them said, "Bo, you'll have to climb all the way up the
stairs!" I said, "I don't believe I can make it!"

A Dallas officer was right inside the door while his motorcycle was
parked out front with the radio on. I was standing beside it when the call
came in that Tippit had just been killed.

Of course, that provoked a lot of excitement and pandemonium.
Several of the officers then headed over to Oak Cliff with the idea
that the more who got there, the better the chance of capturing him.
<end Mabra quote>



Roger Craig:

Roger Craig stated a 7.65mm Mauser was found on the 6th floor and then...


<begin Craig quote>


At that exact moment an unknown Dallas police officer came running up the stairs

and advised Capt. Fritz that a Dallas policeman had been shot in the Oak Cliff area.

I instinctively looked at my watch.

The time was 1:06 p.m.

A token force of uniformed officers was left to keep the sixth floor secure

and Fritz, Day, Boone, Mooney, Weitzman and I left the building.


<end Craig quote>











The unsigned testimony produced by the Warren Commission for Buddy Walthers

indicates Buddy was with Harry Weatherford some of the afternoon of 11-22-63


Perhaps Buddy was the person

on top of the Dallas County Records Building

with Harry Weatherford during the assassination


Maybe Walthers was the man in the Clark Kent hat

overheard by Mike Robinson in the DPD bathroom on 11-22-63

but a more likely suspect was Jack "I cuss a lot" Ruby