"officially denied"

She gets radiated at 1:21 to 1:24

Same Video With German French English Subtitle Lyrics


   Nena is 51 and has 4 children and 2 grandchildren


History of the song

While at a Rolling Stones concert in Berlin, Nena's guitarist Carlo Karges noticed that balloons were being released.

As he watched them move toward the horizon, he noticed them shifting and changing shapes,

where they looked nothing like a mass of balloons but some strange spacecraft (referred to in the German lyrics as a "[Ufo]").

He thought about what might happen if they floated over the Berlin Wall to the Soviet Sector

from  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/99_Luftballons

The Song 99 Red Balloons By Nena Is A Different Story And Has Different Lyrics Than The German Version






This site is set up for 1280 x 800 display resolution








"When the isothermal sphere cools to about 300,000 degrees C

(and the surface brightness has dropped to being a mere 10 million times brighter than the sun),

the rate of radiative growth is about equal to the speed of sound in the fireball plasma.

At this point a shock wave forms at the surface of the fireball as the kinetic energy of the fast moving ions

starts transferring energy to the surrounding air."








Delta Battery 2nd Battalion 1st Air Defense Artillery

And Friends


Federal Republic of Germany

Bundesrepublik Deutschland

aka West Germany


We were about 150 miles from the "Iron Curtain"

The Soviet Union was the superpower on the other side


from: http://berlinwall.soaringdevelopment.com/divisions.aspx

Following the war, on October 7, 1949,

The United States of America, Britain, France, and Russia divided the land in question into four sectors.

Each Sector was under control of a different country.

The United States, Britain, and France joined there sections together to form a democratic state.

This state was called The Federal Republic of Germany [FRG] or West Germany.

The Russian or Soviet part became a communist state.

This state was called The German Democratic Republic [GDR] of East Germany.

This division between the two sectors is what Winston Churchill classified as the

"Iron Curtain."

The Launcher Area had 33 Nike Hercules missiles,

15   n u c l e a r   warheads of various kilotonage,

high explosives warheads,

and enough explosives to destroy the site itself

in the event the Launching Area was overrun


A 2 person Top Secret Safe in IFC contained launch orders

There was a thermite grenade to destroy the safe and its contents

and thermite grenades to destroy the radar vans

in the event IFC was overrun


The IFC noncommissioned officer who was present

when the top secret safe was opened was called the "EMOS man"


There was a burn barrel in IFC where we burned secret communications, etc. routinely


While on duty D-2-1 personnel spoke to each other on a need to know basis regarding our work


Our mission was surface to air and surface to surface

NATO aircraft took care of air to surface and air to air


Our primary mission was to use  n u c l e a r  warheads to deter waves of Soviet bombers in the event the Soviet Union attacked western Europe

Seems the Soviet Union had 7,000 front line aircraft on the other side of the Iron Curtain

(along with 19,000 front line battle tanks)

We were a component of the  n u c l e a r  border between east and west


German F-4 Phantom                                             French Mirage                                                    Swiss Hunter Hawker

Swedish Draken (Dragon)                                                         USA F-15 Eagle                                            Netherlands F-104 Starfighter                 


The U.S.A.F. F-15 Eagles

arrived in Germany in 1977

There was one at the Ramstein Air Show

At the time it was the fastest climbing aircraft in the world and displayed that

The climb rate is >50,000 feet per minute

Seems they were the response

to the Soviet Mig-25 Foxbat

which the west had felt vulnerable to


A   P-51 Mustang crashed at the same Air Show

Seems it was a 2 seater version and the pilot and an observer were killed on impact

It was yellow in color if I recall correctly

Some of us ran a mile or so and made it to the wreck before the fire trucks and ambulances

The fuselage looked to be 8 feet long or so after the impact and the smell of fuel was strong

F-104 Starfighter

aka  Widowmaker  or Witwenmacher

aka  Flying Coffin  or  Fliegender  Sarg

aka  Ground Nail  or  Erdnagel

One German F-104 crashed about every month in the 1970s

250 of the German Luftwaffe F-104's were   n u c l e a r   strike aircraft

The aerial  n u c l e a r   strike force over west Europe included F-104's from many NATO countries

Click on photo above for more info on the F-104






The F-104 J-79 Engine Howl


regardless of the hundreds of times being strafed while in IFC

I only recall hearing this F-104 howl once over IFC

from within 100 feet of the aircraft overhead

made my spine tingle

wasn't sure what he did but the sound and feeling was weird and unforgettable

now I know

once was enough













       National Association of Atomic Veterans    

D-2-1 personnel qualify for membership




Delta 2 BN 1st ADA 32 ADDCOM Dichtelbach Germany

Nike Hercules Missile Site & Reunion Info





Rheinbollen / Dichtelbach 1976 Bicentennial Volksmarch Medal



Technically we had no American television at D-2-1

With an amp and small antenna from IFC we could pick up AFN TV with extremely limited success

At night when the German TV stations would power down and turn off AFN TV came in clearer

Sterrett picked up the Super Bowl on the IFC tv one year

The battery provided tapes of Saturday Night Live on the battery club tv for those so inclined

The battery also had movie projectors and we got the same new movies showing at the US military bases then

There was a projector in IFC, the Launching Area, and maybe Admin also

Stars And Stripes Newspaper was also available at military bases

AFN radio was crystal clear and sometimes had time synchronization beeps we'd set our watches to



Music was perhaps the most prevalent media we had






Ireland - 1976                                              Spain - Baccara - 1977                                             Scotland - 1976


Sweden 1974                                                         USA 1976                                                        Netherlands 1975



Spain 1977                                                                                                                                      France 1977  


        USA 1978                                                              UK 1975                                                  UK/Munich - 1978


USA - 1977                                                  Germany - 1977                                            USA - 1977








Back In Time


Rock And Roll Comes to Europe

Bill Haley And the Comets Live In Germany                       Texans Buddy Holly And The Crickets In London













Terrorism Kept Germany In Fear In The 1970s

"Germany is still young as a democracy"

quoting an unknown West German colonel in 1976







Black September's Munich Massacre at 1972 Summer Olympics

"The Black September Organization (BSO)

(Arabic: منظمة أيلول الأسود‎, Munaẓẓamat Aylūl al-aswad)

was a Palestinian militant secular group, founded in 1970.

It was responsible for the detention and murder of eleven Israeli athletes and officials,

and fatal shooting of a German policeman,

during the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich."


Supposedly some elements in Germany were unhappy

with the post WW2 German government and power structure

believing the same people in power in Nazi Germany during WW2

were still in power in Germany in the 1970s



American servicemen in Germany were targeted by terrorists

and were periodically bombed, shot, and/or kidnapped to keep the terror alive

N u c l e a r   weapons were also targeted by terrorists



"the  n u c l e a r  terrorist"

is discussed


in a 1975 article

starting on the bottom of page 26

which also mentions Nike Hercules



German Autumn 1977




Revolutionary Cells



Movement 2 June



Baader Meinhof / Red Army Faction



Baader Meinhof attacked a German Nike Hercules site

(working on a cite)


"Meet the original faces of terror."



BBC Documentary On Baader Meinhof

Baader-Meinhof (RAF) - In love With Terror - BBC Docu 1/7

Baader-Meinhof (RAF) - In love With Terror - BBC Docu 2/7

Baader-Meinhof (RAF) - In love With Terror - BBC Docu 3/7

Baader-Meinhof (RAF) - In love With Terror - BBC Docu 4/7

Baader-Meinhof (RAF) - In love With Terror - BBC Docu 5/7

Baader Meinhof In Love With Terror BBC3 6/7

Baader Meinhof In Love With Terror BBC3 7/7

















The Forest


D-2-1 was in an isolated location deep in the forest

The landscape was overwhelmingly beautiful year round but also had its hazards

One of the dangers of walking in the forest was the wild Russian boars

They got up to 600-800 pounds

We would see them in packs of 4 or 5 while driving or walking/running to/from IFC


One night Mark Bozeman was walking down the mountain from IFC

and had the battery puppy dog Dalmatian with him

He said he heard something nearby, breaking trees and making a lot of noise

Then he saw the Dalmatian fly through the air about 30 feet and suspected it was a wild boar

Bozeman said the Dalmatian would never walk down the mountain with him again


Another night Roy May was walking off the mountain from IFC

and something started following him

He said "When I moved, it moved. I thought Blacula had my ass!"




One night while on IFC gate guard I saw a red fox kinda like this one about 2 a.m.

It was striking beautiful contrasted against the white snow

in the floodlights on the guard shack











Integrated Fire Control

click on above to see effects of radiation

The Top Of the Rock

the highest peak in a range of mountains

This is a light snow for the area


There was literally no where to look but down in any direction as to land mass


IFC was so high in elevation we would leave there with snow piled up on the car

and arrive in BK about 30 or 45 minutes later with snow still piled on the car

and even the Germans would look at us like we just landed from outer space

since there was no snow in BK and hadn't been for weeks or months


The big dish was the HIPAR  (High Power Acquisition Radar) antenna


The HIPAR used 50 megawatt klystron tubes, cost $30,000 each,

seems we'd blow one out every month or so

There were 3 HIPAR vans next to the antenna


A couple feet was the closest I saw a NATO jet fighter

come to the middle feed horn on the top of the HIPAR

when they were being graded for bombing runs


The HIPAR was Joe Kelly's project and was was relocated to Bitburg,

seems that was about the time D-2-1 lost its  nu k e s  in 1978

The crew that went to Bitburg included Kelly, Duran, Nolan, et al.




We had no MP's in IFC and pulled all our own guard duty


Often this meant 8 hours working on the radar system or grounds

and 8 hours on guard duty

- gate guard, commo guard, roving guard -





Bozeman  16C




C a r a v e t t a   16C


The second to last curve in the road before IFC



Leaving Dichtelbach into Rheinbollen

The KDP Church in the center



Photos from Bill








D u n c a n   16C


He had a cool moped kinda like this


He had a Mercedes too, seems it was a 1962 like this one






M c C l u n g   16C


      Christmas leave 1975                                     A 1968 Ford Taunus 20M like mine



About a year into my 32 month tour of duty at D-2-1

I went "home" on emergency leave on March 2, 1977 for 20 days

 after I was informed of my father's death and funeral service

I'll never forget Martin Coulter's voice

"I don't know how to tell you this, but your father has passed away."

Given my predominantly German ancestry

that was a very upsetting time for me

and made the remainder of my 32 month tour rough


Dad had been a navigator on B-17's

in the U. S. Army Air Corps., 8th Air Force,

401st Bomb Group, 614th Squadron (link)

Dad's not in the crew photo





1977 held other surprises




Elvis faked his own death in August 1977

Elvis is still alive

Elvis still makes $50 million a year

Elvis DNA Google Search Link

   Elvis did 2 years in the U.S. Army in Germany from March 1958 to March 1960





Go Here To Data On Elvis Alive, Elvis faking his own death,

Howard Hughes faking his own death and helping Elvis fake Elvis' death

Plus A Song Player At The Top Left Of The Page

That Has 15 Songs Elvis Recorded After Faking His Own Death





Leroy Ramirez got an Elvis Presley haircut like this while in D-2-1


Keep On Rockin Elvis !





Skynyrd's plane went down October 20th of 1977







Link To IFC Scroll To Right Photos











L a u n c h i n g    A r e a


Ramirez, Battalion Chaplin, Bryan (deceased), Leech, Ampee, Green

Photo Taken In Charlie Section By Stars And Stripes Photographer Then Provided To Scot Bryan






M c L e m o r e   16B




V a n  P e l t   16B








Motor Pool

aka Heliport

aka Temporary Mess Hall


T u z i n s k i  63H























Video made in Admin and Motor Pool

Grown Men Playing Army, Chasing Ghosts









M i l l e r














T h e   D i c h t e l b a c h   W a l l



L a u n c h i n g    A r e a




Steve Bates  16B

(deceased 2004)




Robert Bingham 16B

(deceased 6-28-06; cancer)




Courtney Scot Bryan 16B

(deceased 9-24-2009)


Scot went to work for Los Alamos National Laboratories in the 1980s

and worked in Geothermal then Emergency Response, among other things

He stayed employed with the labs/govt. until his death


Scot often spoke proudly of Charlie Section and his friends in the launching area and trying to find them

Leroy Ramirez, Roger Blundell et al.


While in Germany he and Gail lived in part of Castle Kauzenburg (link) on a mountainside overlooking Bad Kreuznach

They had a blue Barracuda like this one


Their neighbor had a Ferrari like this one and took Scot riding in it on the autobahn







Warrant Officer Hudson

(deceased 1980?)












Joseph P. Kelly

link to Joe's marker

Vietnam Veteran

Someone told me Joe came back to the states and married a judge's daughter from El Paso

Joe lived in the house in Warmsroth some of us IFC lived in

He had a 1975 MG Midget I could borrow since we often worked opposite 24 hour shifts

which was a much better ride than my 1968 Ford Taunus 20M

Great car to put the top down on and cruise down the Rhine River





Lawrence Myrick  24?

(deceased 1990s?; cancer)






Lawrence Sterrett 16C

(deceased 1990s; cancer)

His son, a U.S. Army Major at the time, told me he died of cancer

due to exposure to Patriot missile system radar antenna radiation

during operation Desert Storm


Sterrett was good friends with Bob Bingham

and they were basketball fanatics sometimes


He told me of serving in Nike Herc state side

when the units had a red telephone

connected to the President in the White House












More Photos



March or April 1976

















Pictures below not from D-2-1 vans



"N u c l e a r-armed Nike Hercules missiles

were deployed in the United States, Greece, Italy, and Turkey,

and with Belgian, Dutch, and U.S. forces in West Germany."





Target Tracking Radar Console

We were called

"Scope Dopes"

because we tracked aircraft using radar scopes like these


During missions and crew drills the TTR operators would locate targets

(flying aircraft)

designated by the acquisition radar operator

then track the target automatically

or manually if electronic countermeasures were being received


TTR Operators included:

Azimuth (center scope/chair, directed TTR operations)- Amos, Lehman, Logan, McClung, Wade, Teal, Salazar, et al.

Range (right scope/chair) - Davey, Erving, et al.

Elevation (left scope/chair/ aka TTR newbee) - everyone who ran Azimuth, Caravetta, et al.


Tracking Supervisor ran the scope/radar between the Elevation and Azimuth operator, standing up

Tracking "Supes" included Sterrett, Coby, Gray, Wade, McClung, Erving, et al.


One evening I was running checks on the TTR and locked on an aircraft that tried to evade me

with electronic counter measures, which was illegal for an aircraft to do

I called Shuff into the van and he had maintenance personnel confirm no one was in the T-1 van sending video to the TTR,

then Shuff called headquarters on the radio and was relaying coordinates (elevation, azimuth, range)

as I called them to him from inside the tracking van,

in an attempt to get Missile Control Center involved to scramble the Air Force, to no avail.

I was running the TTR by myself, tracking the aircraft manually,

and lost track it seems at around 68,000 yards of range, or 39 miles (Hahn Air Base?)

Shuff indicated he would put something in his Duty Officer's report for that day.


Reportedly a Mig-21 had been sighted over Bravo Battery so this episode was a little unnerving









Missile Tracking Radar Console

Melanson, Dupree, Lehman, Duncan, Gray, and Erving were some of the MTR operators

I and other tracking station personnel would fill in on the MTR sometimes when the MTR operator needed a break



Within our crew drills the MTR operator would lock his radar

onto a missile in the launching area

or a screwdriver







Battery Control Console

This is where the Fire button was operated

by the Battery Control Officer


Also the Acquisition Radar operator sat here

usually Turner, Gunn, Dunn, et al.





Nike Hercules Test Firing

slightly different console than above but Fire button in same place

made the hair on the back of my neck stand up hearing the siren

reminiscent of waking up at 3 a.m. in the ifc ready building hearing the siren

having to put on boots, run to the corridor, and engage the first target

all within 18 minutes

not knowing on the way to the corridor if it was going to be "blazing skies" (a drill)


"battle stations" (the real thing)









The TTR and MTR fed data to the Computer which controlled the missile in flight to the target



Computer Like Bozeman's

Computer Operators included Bozeman, Smith, et al.


This was before personal computers

It ran on vacuum tubes and during the winter we could open the doors of the computer

and put a cot next to it and stay warm from the heat of the tubes


This came in handy the winter of 1977-78

because someone put a nice round piece of electric tape

on the conductor end of the IFC ready building heater fuse

Which went undiscovered until the next spring

So we had no heat in the IFC ready building part of that winter


Supposedly the vacuum tube systems we used had greater survivability of  n u c l e a r  attack

than solid state electronics because of the shock wave


I ran the computer for a couple of months when I first got to D-2-1

then went to the TTR and stayed in the tracking station for the rest of my tour

and would fill in on the computer  or acq for crew drills sometimes







Admin Gate

Kinda strange not seeing a flag on the pole, the place not mowed, the tan barracks, and the gate closed




Launcher Missile Barn






Renata's where Andrea and Petra served the best ham and cheese sandwiches or jaeger schnitzels and Konigsbacher beer

worth the walk from the battery as a newbee





October 1962

Cuban Missile Crisis

Soviets placed   n u c l e a r   missiles in Cuba capable of reaching the United States

U.S. military went to DEFCON 3

Nike-Hercules Batteries in Florida were  n u c l e a r   tipped and pointed at Cuba


Some call it

"the closest we have ever come to thermo n u c l e a r   annihilation of mankind"


November 4, 1962

Dominic Tightrope

The last atmospheric test by the United States of a   n u c l e a r   warhead

was aboard a Nike-Hercules fired by Bravo Battery of Florida (HM66)


November 26, 1962

JFK visited Nike Hercules 2nd Missile Battalion, 52nd ADA in Florida

and gave them a Presidential Unit Citation for responding to the Cuban Missile Crisis









Dieter Kunz From Esso Rheinbollen

He was on    this website

which is free and has lots of people from Dichtelbach, Rheinbollen, Simmern, and all over Germany

Looks like Thomas Gunn / Tommy Gunn was on there a few times also


Cold Warrior Certificates


Dangers Of Working on a Nike Site

to their lists I add:


Armed military aircraft (n u c l e a r?) continually strafing the site

600-800 pound wild boars in the forest

Getting "buzzed" by the HIPAR

Driving on the autobahn or back roads




SMLM vehicles

Magnesium IFC vans burn quick

Icy mountain roads that automotive vehicles slide on

Oktoberfest was last night and they had all this wine there and


Truck Road Trip From Rheinbollen To Bacharach

seems someone from the battery accidentally hit that Roman arch over the road with a deuce and a half


Link To 2nd Battalion 1st ADA DSP Wackernheim


thanks to Rolf Goerig and others for some of the photos above

Another D-2-1 Website

(is out of date)

with some of Rolf Goerig's photos = they turned IFC into a peaceful wind farm


Google Satellite Dichtelbach

(click on "satellite" on the map)

the launching area, admin area, and ifc are visible

i can see my old house in warmsroth


Site With Lots Of Data On Dichtelbach, Rheinbollen, etc.

Jump To Page Listing Towns And Cities



between Dichtelbach and Warmsroth

I was told this is where the pole tower that was behind the battery was but am not sure


Cool Aerial View Of Koblenz From Ehrenbreitstein

Click on the image then it moves around


A Page On My German Great-great-grandfather


"Beer King Of Texas"

He started the first beer brewery in San Antonio (3rd? in Texas)

and donated the land Fort Sam Houston was started on

This was his Hotel

Many of the U.S. Presidents stayed there

and Teddy Roosevelt recruited most of his Rough Riders there








Whereabouts Unknown


IFC Crewmen

Amos, Alvin - last known Hearne Texas

Abramson, Ron

Birmingham, Tom


Coleman, Joseph



Davey, Richard "Tree" - was from California; re-upped into SAM-D (became Patriot) in West Germany

Dunn, Darrell - married a woman from Boston

Dupree - was from Louisiana

Duran, Mathew - was from California

    had a 1973 Mercury Capri like this one





Furstenau - Vietnam Veteran

Gillette, Robert? - was from Texas


Gunn, Thomas - married Dani and moved to England?

   seems he had an old Porsche like this


Holt, Woody - went to Bravo Battery (Scotty finally beamed him up)

    had a 1975 Mercury Capri lighter green than Duran's

Hunt, Rick - married Wilhelmina Romer from Hergenfeld; in California




Kistler, Stanley - drove a silver 1977 Vega Wagon

Lehman, Randall "Munchie"

Logan, Douglas - was from Fromberg Montana; re-upped for Alaska then Hawaii; is on FaceBook?

Looney - he went to Bravo Battery; Vietnam Veteran

May, Roy - seems he went to Bravo Battery also; Vietnam Veteran

  had a 1977 Road Runner like this one


Mathis, Rufus


Melanson, Jay - Was from New Jersey? Seems he scared off the SMLM guy and car near IFC gate


Pashby, Michael

   drove a blue 1976 AMC Pacer like this (was a great car to borrow)


Putnam, Victor - was from Oregon?

Polk, John - was from Coolamee or High Point North Carolina

Rios, Carlos - was from San Antonio, Texas

Rodriguez, Fred - was from Puerto Rico

Rollison, Lawrence - became battery CBR NCO

Salazar, Fred - was from Puerto Rico

Shelley - was from Houston Texas


Smith, Ricky


Turner, Charles E. - was from High Point North Carolina; talked to him in the 1990s

Teal, Raymond - was from Alabama

Twyman, Rabon - Vietnam Veteran was  in Versailles Mississippi; is on FaceBook?

Wade, Michael


Remember the green license plates on our POV's

And the "Battery Junk Yard" ?

How many totaled cars?????



IFC Maintenance


Chitwood (was PLO clerk, moved to admin area)

Forr, Stanley - was from Mississippi?


Jordan, Troy

McMahon, Michael - from Seattle Washington; married Evelyn from Eckenroth


Thoreson, Lawrence




Brown, Alphonso

Brown, "Mugsy" - was from Chicago

Lorenzo (Pineapple) - was from Hawaii

Luna, Robert - was from New Mexico

Plez, Tony - was from New York?

Reed, Steven - was from Detroit? Indiana?

Cambron, Paul - was from Corpus Christi, Texas



IFC Generators

Fry, Leroy (the coolest guy at D-2-1)


Nolan (went to Bitburg With HIPAR Crew)

Miller aka "Shaky" - one of the survivors of the D-2-1 soldier getting killed walking on the autobahn back from Simmern early one morning;

     maybe Melanson and Steck were there too?




Launching Area Crewmen

Childers, Buck (went to Motor Pool) - Vietnam Veteran could get a missile barn door opened, guaranteed;

     heard he became a Sergeant Major


   had a '66 GTO kinda like this one


Bloom, Michael

Blundell, Roger - is on FaceBook

Bridges - last known in Switzerland

Crotty, Kenneth - married ? from Dichtelbach

    had a blue factory hot rod, sometimes seen at his wife's parents' house in Dichtelbach

Delaney (went to mess hall)

Dunbar, Jerry - was in El Paso Texas; Vietnam Veteran?




Knight, Rodney

   remember when he painted his car (VW bug?) downrange?

The Other Knight (became a Warrant Officer)


Patterson, Skeeter - I'll never forget Skeet riding the bull at the 1976 Rodeo in Wiesbaden after we all drew straws for it

      he had a Renault Le Car, front seat removed, driver sat on back seat

Ramirez, Leroy - seems he was from San Antonio, Texas

Reed, Arley

Seats, Michael

     seems he co-owned a BMW like this with Stanley Forr and Lorenzo


Taylor (went to mess hall)

Wagner (Columbo)




Nyholm, Karl - or was he a 16B?




Motor Pool

?, Art

Childers, Buck (was in Launcher Area) - Vietnam Veteran; became Sergeant Major

Guyd (sp?)

Langtize - had a 1976 or 1977 Trans Am

Marciano - was from New York?

Over, Edward - had a sweatshirt with the name of his college or state, maybe Pittsburgh?

Pearce, Kermit



Admin Area



   he had a Firebird like this, seems it never ran street legal at D-2-1








? in supply room that had an Opel GT like this









Mess Hall

Delaney (was 16B)



Taylor (was 16B)






Coulter, Martin - was from Denton Texas

  had a Porsche 914 like this


Freeborn - was from Oklahoma; had a real sweet Mazda RX4 like this



Miller, Merlin - a West Pointer


Peterson, Bob


Williams - was from Florida

Yancey, Dennis




Warrant Officers


Shuff, Charles

Terry - seems he had a Pontiac Firebird




Beejum - seems on 3 separate occasions he saved a drowning German at a nearby swimming pool

"Stokey" Stroud









About The Last Patrol




An Hoa / Danang

Echo 2-5



"We're Comin' To Get Ya!"