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National Clothesline November 2009 Table of Contents
Murray Simpson, UK industry leader
Jay Rosenfield, cleaner, association leader
Around the U.S.
NCA sets course for 2015 with multiple offerings
30 tons of poly reclaimed in recycling program
Yale Cleaners drive nets 300,000 Coats for Kids in 27 years
Schwarz to lead free seminar in McAllen, TX
Alternative solvent summit to take place in Denver in June
TCATA plans convention at Napa resort
• What’s new for this new year?
• Get ready for this year’s big event
Jamie Albano: Steering the course
Deborah Rechnitz: Handling more than one project
Bruce Grossman: Return to sender: steam circulation
James Peuster: As plants decline, so do drop stores
Frank Kollman: Complying with a most complex law
Don Desrosiers: Start your pre-Clean homework
Dan Eisen: An approach to unidentified stains
Harvey Gershenson: Make a better customer experience
Sankosha expands U.S. parts inventory
FRSTeam continues expansion
Second Tide store opens in Florida
PONY hold open house in new DC showroom