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National Clothesline November 2009 Table of Contents
David Whitehurst: The Champions
Around the U.S.
NCA plans educational classes, webinars
Wetcleaning demo to be held in May
MILD seminars on pressing, service and human resources
Cleaners can examine solvent offerings at Denver trade fair
• There was plenty to like in Atlanta
Your next generation of customers
Bruce Grossman: Troubleshooting boilers gone bad III
Frank Kollman: Hiring is hard; firing is even harder
Don Desrosiers: The improvements keep coming
Dan Eisen: Adapting to change in stain removal
Harvey Gershenson: What brand are you wearing?
Maintenance, productivity seminar at Unipress
Lapels signs consulting agreement
NIE expands to more states
CLA presents leadership awards
Single source service for bead washing laundry system
New shirt finishing machines
Eco-friendly packaging