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National Clothesline November 2009 Table of Contents
Around the U.S.
Anonymous customer pays for past deception
NCA enlists DiJulius and Snow for Texcare
Tuchman Training cost group holds June meeting in DC
Puritan to host DLI course in Richmond with The Route Pro
DLI plans Fall classes
SC cleaner gives cleaning to church shooting victims
Missouri governor vetoes tax breaks for big laundries
GreenEarth plans affiliate meeting in KC
UniSec users among Five Star cleaners in Washington
Donnie Weil: Worth Weil Cleaning
• Want new customers? Invent them.
• Still haunted by the past
Bruce Grossman: The basic concepts of pneumatics
James Peuster: The struggle to get out of the ’90s
Frank Kollman: A rare appearance for common sense
Don Desrosiers: More new equipment from Clean ’15
Dan Eisen: Inspecting and detecting stains
Harvey Gershenson: How do you determine success?
Neil Schroeder: Newsletters can build relationships
Lapels collects clothes for Big Brother/Big Sister groups
Otis Buter joins The Green Garmento
Alliance completes financing deal
Single buck body press
Spray spotter
Higher flash alternative