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National Clothesline November 2009 Table of Contents
Around the U.S.
NCA’s Texcare to feature top speakers in Uber conference
PA cleaners get state grant for pollution prevention
NCALC offers update on cleanup program
GreenEarth hosts annual affiliates meeting in KC
Learn more about human resources in Michigan
MCA tees off in September
SDA visits Austin, plans Houston meeting, show
Broadway Cleaners car show keeps growing
Blake to headline WSDLA seminar in Phoenix
The Cares Brothers: A brotherly blend
• Venturing outside the comfort zone
• Honestly, is anybody honest these days?
Bruce Grossman: Beyond the basics of pneumatics
Frank Kollman: Employee or independent contractor?
Don Desrosiers: More new equipment from Clean ’15
Dan Eisen: Using ammonia and acetic acid
Harvey Gershenson: Are there any thieves in your life?
Gonzalez named director of operations for Zengeler
Developer plans six Zips stores in Richmond
Whirlpool completes purchase of American Dryer