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National Clothesline November 2009 Table of Contents
Around the U.S.
NEFA offering workshops on customer service in NY
Anton’s ready to launch its 2015 coat drive
Final installment DLI courses  on drycleaning begins Oct. 12
Medlin visits new HQ of East Coast Equipment
SEFA opens booth sales for 2016 show in Jacksonville
MW Cleaners partners with local Operation School Bell
Gulf States to host October Open House
New Tide location in Utah is 30th for the company
CCA sets date for 2016 show in Long Beach
The LaCarte Family: A team effort
• It’s a matter of convenience
• Don’t be trapped inside a box
Deborah Rechnitz: Growth through acquisition – how?
Bruce Grossman: Step-by-step boiler troubleshooting
James Peuster: Standing still means falling behind
Frank Kollman: No confidentiality in investigations
Don Desrosiers: Doing it over vs. doing it right
Dan Eisen: Where no garment goes uncleaned
Harvey Gershenson: Are there any thieves in your life?
Neil Schroeder: In PR, perception is everything
Huntington Co. adds franchise development specialists
Bud Bakker joins Sankosha
Private equity firm acquires interest in Alliance
Boiler control devices
Pet odor eliminator spray