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National Clothesline November 2009 Table of Contents
Don Rosen, Coats for Kids pioneer
Max Rechnitz, industry consultant
Around the U.S.
NEFA’s annual Fall Fest coming to Providence
DLI takes drycleaning course on road to MA
Murder indictment for man in killing of Florida cleaner
Murder indictment for man in killing of Florida cleaner
Five Star Cleaners launches annual coat drive for kids
MW Cleaners sponsoring singing contest
Archibald takes over executive director position for CCA
Minimum wage rising to $10 in California
Angel & Anne Marie Ramos: Forming a franchise
• A life-saving helping hand from cleaners
• Take control of your on-line image
Bruce Grossman: Troubleshooting low hanging fruit
James Peuster: A gathering of route operators
Frank Kollman: Seven common employer mistakes
Don Desrosiers: The single buck vs. the double buck
Dan Eisen: New formulations for stain removal
Harvey Gershenson: Are there any thieves in your life?
Lapels names Grippi to head of operations
Brightleaf adds solar to list of green initiatives