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National Clothesline November 2009 Table of Contents
Jessie Glass: First female president of Oregon association
Around the U.S.
Introductory, advanced classes head DLI’s 2016 schedule
SEFA show off to good start
Royals celebrations create more work for KC cleaner
MCA lunch program to cover wash-dry-fold
MW Cleaners expands toy collection for Salvation Army
SDA offering booth, hotel discounts
ABC affiliates Leadership Retreat in Utah
Greg Myers: Signs of the times
• A few things to grab your attention
• We’ll soon be legal in California!
Bruce Grossman: A smooth running air compressor
James Peuster: The importance of building a team
Don Desrosiers: Keeping it simple for Santa this year
Dan Eisen: Practice the art of hand cleaning
Harvey Gershenson: Having the necessary qualifications
Two at Puritan honored by Route Pros
Lapels enters Canadian market
Christopher Veit to lead company’s international operations
ZIPS advances in Franchise Times rankings
Norman Way named VP at Puritan