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National Clothesline November 2009 Table of Contents
David and Carolyn Perry: Banking on success
Around the U.S.
NCA adds classes to its 2016 slate
NEFA will host boiler training in Oxford, MA
SEFA sets roundtable, SLDS speaker line-up
MILD enlists Zellers as convention headliner
WFI plans ball game outing, golf tourney
Deadline near for discount on SDA show registration
WSDLA installs new president, plans annual clothing drive
Fabricare ’16 offers special hotel rates
• The #1 enemy of customer service
• A good place to start looking for answers
Deborah Rechnitz: Getting out of the day-to-day routine
Trudy Adams: Curing customer service ailments
Bruce Grossman: Hey man, don’t blow a gasket!
James Peuster: Retention begins with initial contact
Frank Kollman: Accommodations? Let’s talk about it
Don Desrosiers: Single-buck vs. double-buck units
Dan Eisen: Creating efficient spotting procedures
Harvey Gershenson: How do you market with coupons?
Neil Schroeder: How to set marketing objectives
Gown specialists honor Engh
Tuchman group meets in Florida
Wood named Lapel’s Owner of the Year
N.S. Farrington acquires Fuller Supply
European solvent makes North American debut
Easy storage for hangers