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National Clothesline November 2009 Table of Contents
Around the U.S.
Radical drycleaning, DEC certification classes for NCA
Introductory, advanced cleaning courses coming to DLI
A day of demos and seminars in Florida
SEFA adds Adams to Saturday SDLS program
WFI plans June convention, golf classic
MILD workshop, convention this summer
CCA releases schedule for Fabricare 2016 in Long Beach
SCCA plans seminar event on May 15
Russell and John Parker: Divided but united
• Government-mandated price increases
• The threads of the future
Trudy Adams: The power to satisfy customers
Bruce Grossman: Sticky stuff – don’t get it on you
James Peuster: Managing and motivating drivers
Frank Kollman: The demise of confidentiality clauses
Don Desrosiers: For cleaner shirts and better pressing
Dan Eisen: Problems with wetcleaning chemistry
Harvey Gershenson: Making the most of life’s allotment
Neil Schroeder: Giving customers a reason why
Rope-Tie innovator Heilweil announces retirement
Burkhardt names regional manager for Pariser
FRSTeam marks 10th annivesary
Kolar joins The Huntington Company