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National Clothesline November 2009 Table of Contents
Around the U.S. 
NEFA plans return trip to Providence for its Fall Fest
More classes coming from NCA in 2016
PDCA lines up speakers for Atlantic City Expo programs
Lapels Dry Cleaning opens location in Tampa, Florida
NCA plans two seminars in Florida
MCA seeks funds for remediation bill in MN
MCA takes golf tourney to Stoneridge course
WFI making plans for dinner cruise in September
Tide Dry Cleaners comes to Texas
Vollmer, Peuster, Adams to lead Fabricare 2016 programs
Don Holecek: A Learning Experience
• Where good ideas can come from
• A good time to work on your business
Trudy Adams: Measuring customer retention
Bruce Grossman: Moving heat in the cooling process
James Peuster: Top 5 myths of route development
Frank Kollman: What’s coming in labor regulations
Don Desrosiers: Too many shirt defects to overlook
Dan Eisen: Wetcleaning silk and rayon gowns
Tuchman group takes new name
An 85th birthday celebration at Milt & Edie’s
Coba join Lapels as franchise advisor
Fulton provides training in California
Manfred Wentz: Professor, researcher
and industry advocate
Charles Weller: Long-time drycleaner