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Top 5 myths of route development
The other day I was riding with a route driver in Albuquerque, NM. Anyone who has been
there knows they have roadrunners, snakes and pepsis wasps.
Look the last one up. It’s otherwise
known as a tarantula hawk! I’ve seen
all three and trust me, you would
rather get bitten by a snake than
stung by the wasp!
However, one day the driver and I
noticed a strange, bald, mutant dog.
Anyone down south knows of the
Chupacabra. Look that one up, too.
Animal control was there I am quite
sure they were calling in for back-up.
Many believe that this animal is part urban legend, part Internet hoax, but I know what I saw!
This leads me to this month’s article: the top five myths of route development.
1. No one is home. We hear this all the time from drivers. It is as if the neighborhoods were
all evacuated due to a Chupacabra sighting. Sorry, but you don’t need to watch MythBusters to
prove this wrong. Some are at home, you just have to look for them.
2. They don’t want to give out a credit card. Last time I checked, it was 2016 and
millions purchase online. The Amazon Era has anyone who is getting something sent to their
home used to using a credit card as the only form of acceptable payment.
3. The customers love the driver. Whoa! Is this not true? Trick tip here: Usually the
customer loves the service and likes the driver.
I’m not saying the driver plays a minute part in the servicing of route customers; I am just
saying that you might be careful in assessing your situation when growth is not occurring.
If they truly loved the driver, your route would double every year. Each customer would refer
the driver just once a year. One hundred customers would turn into 200.
Just don’t let your driver handcuff you. Stay on top of the manifest and the route growth.
4. No one is answering the door. This is definitely not true. This is where a manager must
go out with a driver once in a while. Failure to do so results in listening to the excuses of a
driver and believing it to be true. There is a sense of curiosity that comes to some who hears a
doorbell. They end up checking out what’s happening anyway.
5. My driver just can’t sell. Definitely not true. I’m not asking for 100 customers a month;
just 100 attempts per month. The reason why you experience failure is that you replace the
word “can’t” with “won’t.” Some drivers strive to get two to three new customers a week while
others are getting done by 2 to 3 in the afternoon.
The bottom line is this: We hear these all the time and I completely understand the reasons
why any of these appear to be true.
Most operators put their routes on cruise control and fail to manage neither the systems nor
the personnel. Stay focused, engaged and be a part of the route end of your business.

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