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Tide Dry Cleaners comes to Texas
Continuing its expansion across the country, Tide Dry Cleaners recently held a grand opening
at its newest location in Lubbock, TX, marking its first presence in the Texas market.
The announcement was made by Edit Clean, LLC, in collaboration with Agile Pursuits
Franchising, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Procter & Gamble.
The event took place all day at the new Lubbock store, located at 4511 98th St., on
Saturday, June 18.
Every in-store guest could take advantage of a special that included two free drycleaning
items with every order.
The owner of the store, Lubbock native Brandt Stravlo, is also the chief operating officer of
Edit Clean, LLC.
He noted that bringing the widely-recognized Tide name to the local community was too
good of an opportunity for him to pass up.
“The Tide name carries a lot of weight here,” he said. “Our customers are going to be blown
away by the quality and convenience features of Tide Dry Cleaners, as well as our GreenEarth
technology, which sets us apart from other drycleaners in the Lubbock market.”
One way the company hopes to differentiate itself is through its partnership with the
Lubbock Dream Center, which provides gently-used clothing to those in the community who
are in need.
The Tide Dry Cleaners franchise is known for the convenient and unique features it offers
including drive-thru concierge services and 24-hour pickup and drop off kiosks, as well as the
utilization of GreenEarth technology and its Tide and Downy fabricare offerings.
“We are so pleased to see the Tide Dry Cleaners franchise expand into yet another state with
a great franchise group, EDIT CLEAN, LLC,” added Thomas Flaherty, President & CEO of Agile
Pursuits Franchising, Inc. “We join them in celebrating the opening of their new Tide Dry
Cleaners location in Lubbock.”
The Tide name is known for its 70-year history in consumer laundry detergent. The Tide Dry
Cleaners franchise, however, developed more recently when, in 2008, the company opened
three test sites in the greater Kansas City area.
Since then, franchises have expanded throughout the country, including in California,
Arizona, Utah, Colorado, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Minnesota, Illinois, Arkansas, Florida, North
Carolina, New Jersey, Georgia, Nevada and Ohio.
More information on the company, including terms of its franchise opportunities, are
available at its official website located at
Agile Pursuits Franchising, Inc., was also founded in 2008 as the franchisor and operator of
the Tide drycleaning brand under Procter & Gamble.
GreenEarth Cleaning was started in 1999 by drycleaners Jim Barry, Ron Benjamin and Jim
Douglas. The GreenEarth technology is licensed by more than 1,300 drycleaners worldwide.