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National Clothesline November 2009 Table of Contents
Around the U.S.
MAC elects new president, plans workshop
SEFA resets board meeting, plans to cruise from Tampa
SDA hopes to head off boiler vent piping compliance issue
Arizona cleaner in charity drive for foster children
TCATA forms committee to plan its 2017 conference
Roy McLain: Corporate Strategy
• Business as usual; change inevitable
• Exactly what is not needed
James Peuster: Measuring a driver’s performance
Trudy Adams: Evaluating your promotional efforts
Bruce Grossman: The boiler blowdown mystery
Frank Kollman: In disciplinary matters, be explicit
Don Desrosiers: What can Santa Claus do for us?
Dan Eisen: Combat rings with leveling agents
Removing ground-in soil from wedding gown hems
Labor management software
Polymer bead washing machine designed for drycleaners
All-purpose prespotter
Irons resist limescale