Crossfire At The Crosstime

Somewhere betwixt here and there is a more or less quite corner of the internet, where a handful of friends gather to relax.
Occationally chaotic, but always a nice place to visit.
This is the Crosstime Cafe

Once upon a time, (in 2007) a group of dangerous beings came up with plan
A diabolical, evil plan, of course.
They were web comic charactors who were aware that they were web comic charactors.
Their plan plan had five steps:
first, build an army.
Second, conquer webcomics that often had cameos and crossovers.
Third: Conquer all the web comics on the web.
Fourth: Use their base in web comics to take over the entire internet.
Take over the world!
They were The Evil Overlords United

Fortunately for reality as we know it, thier plan ran into a serious stumbling block.
The web comics resisted being conquered.
A war broke out. A war the likes of which are rarely seen in graphic literature.
Led by one dynamic hero, this became The Crossover Wars!

This is an historical record of one tiny piece of that great conflict.
It is also one of my first two attempts at making a comic for the net.
While much of the art is crude, I am non-the-less rather pleased with the result.

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